Low-Cost Small Business Network, based in Bewleys Hotel, Sandyford, Dublin 18, We meet every Friday morning for a structured business network meeting.
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Low-Cost Business Networking South Dublin
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Business Networking for SME owner/managers
Dublin Business Network is a group of around 25 SME owner-managers that get together every Friday morning for a breakfast meeting to share business opportunities and work for each other in these difficult, recessionary times.
We meet in Room 6, Bewleys Hotel in Sandyford, Dublin 18, every Friday for a breakfast meeting, where the hotel allows us free parking for the duration.
Low-Cost Business Networking South Dublin
DBN Chairman:
Elio Lodola
The essence of the DBN is that there is only "one person per profession" allowed to join the Group. This ensures that you won't have a competing business in the room and fosters a positive, supportive attitude among members.

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The Group members are experienced and practiced at networking and have been able to keep the best habits and elements of successful networking and bring them to the DBN.
Apart from giving their time and energy to the Group, there is only a small monthly charge of Ä55 to cover the room hire and breakfast charges. This is true low-cost networking at its best. We have a number of unfilled categories in the group, perhaps your profession is not yet represented? Why not visit us and see for yourself?
Business is very difficult out there at the moment, we are very aware of that. Being part of a network that is dedicated to finding business opportunities for each other is invaluable and our mission is to grow the group to 30 members in 2014 and continue to deliver solid financial results for each member.
Our Target Categories:
Health & Safety Training
Phone Systems
Quantity Surveyor
PR / Copywriting
Marketing Consultant
Motor Servicing
Computer Training
and any other complementary business.......
Why not call Elio Lodola about attending one of our meetings?
(01) 493 4032
Chairman: Elio Lodola, ES Mortgages & Financial Services        Phone: (01) 493 4032                Email: info@dublinbusinessnetwork.com